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When Customer Communication is the "KEY", your organization

should be accessible and

responsive 24/7

We embrace lives, as it's all about to count the impossibilities or to explore the unseen opportunities. And for that we admire CHANGE, we believe, if we change nothing, nothing will change."

Neon Spheres

We help you keep your head in the cloud.

We can help you leverage cloud to create exceptional value driven customer experience. 





"Across industries, be it old-school or new, there's a common subject in both of'em, and that is exceptional value driven results and consumer-centric experience. At Preceptors', we all deeply care about what we do, and how does it impact our clients and communities."

Aditya Pathak

Chief Executive Officer


Preceptors' IT &

Business Solutions

More about our company

When we do, what we do, we consciously re-imagine, how our work touches the lives of people around the globe, and how can we do it in a more better way. Learn more about our company, our culture and our commitment to excellent customer service.

Let's dig

more deep

Why PxITBS is a great fit for you?

Years of hands-on experience, and ability to sore the height, what makes us different, is our ability to deliver products and results that exceeds your expectations.


Startup Thinking

Nimble, agile, and proactive. Having
built and helped over 100 startups,
we know what it takes


Experience Design Thinking

Ease of use, right information flow,
delightful experience and conversion are the
core of our UX methodology.


Partner Approach

We are driven by ‘Customer success’ culture
and don’t think of ourselves as a service provider
but your technology partner


Hiring Philosophy

Ease of use, right information flow,
delightful experience and conversion are the
core of our UX methodology.


Product Mindset

We are product people, and product-market fit,
customer needs, time to market and break-even
keep popping in our head when discussing.


Certified Teams and Company

Our teams are not only experienced
in respective technologies but
also certified.

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