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Providing expert services for the provision and support of operational systems.

What's in our Arsenal ?

Application Development


  • SDN

  • Access Network

  • Metro / Core

  • Broadband / CPE

  • Enterprise

  • Linux

Application Development


Bring-Up Specialists

  • First-Time Power ON

  • Board validation & Rework

  • Driver Adaptions

  • OS Adaptions

Bring-Up Specialists

Telecoms Medium Specialists

  • G.Fast

  • xDSL

  • TDM (SDH, E1/T1)

  • ATM

  • OC3/OC12-STM1/4

Telecoms Medium Specialists

Embedded Software Development Specialists

  • WinPath

  • MIPS

  • PowerPC

  • ARM

  • x86

  • Broadcom

  • Lantiq

  • NXP

Embedded Software Development Specialists

Telecoms Protocol Specialists

  • Openflow

  • Ethernet

  • IPv4/IPv6

  • Carrier Ethernet

  • MPLS

  • Switching

  • Routing

  • Timing

  • Management - CLI / SNMP / NETCONF

Telecoms Protocol Specialists

Building Integrated Customer Experiences in the Telecommunication Industry

The 3 Mega trends are:

The telecommunications industry and embedded applications continue to shape the digital revolution of today and tomorrow. New technologies such as the IoT, 5G, G.Fast broadband,  give global consumers richer digital experiences that quickly transcend other sectors to become the new norm.

But to succeed in these markets, manufacturers and service providers need to continually innovate, evolve and efficiently create new technologies that build IP and additional revenue streams quicker than their competition.

PxITBS' array of expert services and customisable products, enable manufacturers and service providers to meet this fast-paced evolution and bring new products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

  • 5G Revolution

  • Customer of Tomorrow

  • Telco Media Convergence

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