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Digital Enhancement

Driving digital transformation and growth, making companies future ready, today!

Making businesses

more intelligent.

Industries of today are driven by quick, exponential and, above all, continuous 

change. However, the key question for the executives is: How can we change, and thrive with it? 

Our answer: By taking advantage of cloud, data and AI to change the way you do 

things — and the very things you do. 

PxDesign provides clients with a suite of validated best practices and strategies for integrating intelligence into their business.

We help you automate operations and develop new products and technologies to

build a company that is stronger, more efficient and sustainable.

White Drone

How can we help...

PxDesign brings applied intelligence into your R&D, Engineering, Production and Service operations to make them more productive, safe, and sustainable. Our experts specialize in:

Our Digital Manufacturing & Operations Group helps customers embed intelligence into every fabric of factory, plant, and site. 

We use digital to solve the complexities of operations and 

achieve higher efficiency, performance and quality while 

minimizing costs , risks, waste and similar externalities.

Digitalizing Effectiveness

Strengthening portfolios

Our team of Intelligent System & Platform helps customers build and scale connected hardware- and software products. We are  transforming and complementing R&D, software development,  and service operations. The Outcome? Shorter marketing time, happy customers and a healthier company.


Our integrated framework allows us to draw from an extended range capabilities to meet the unique needs of your digital transformation.

AI unlocks new potential for businesses by extending human capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

Embed intelligence across business functions, from marketing, supply chain engagements, and


AI and Analytics Solutions

Intelligent automation can help your business

self-evolve with disruption.

Intelligent Automation

AI is as smart as the insights that fuel it. With powerful analytics insights, you can tapp into data you didn't even know you had.

Data and Analytics

Unlock the value in unstructured data like text, images, voice- with search analytics, NLP and machine learning.

Search and Content Analytics

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