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In collaboration with Compose By Perplexing Axe, we are indeed the best choice to all your publishing's outsourcing requirements.

Documents Processing

Its billing time again. Are you ready to go through it,...again?


Your efforts and energy should be reserved for new business development.

Regular, recurring cycles of document processing can bog down even the most vibrant organizations. PxITBS stands poised to offer capable and efficient document processing to alleviate your burdens. From statements to billing to invoicing, we have the manpower and expertise to deliver your documents on time:

As a trusted and collaborative partner, PxITBS works with your internal, or existing, processing teams to enhance timely production and document delivery.

Why Choose US?

  • PxITBS is founded on the ground works of latest technologies for seamless workflow transfers to deliver the highest levels of IT and network security to secure your data.

  • Our quality controlled best practices guarantee top-level accuracy.

  • Our proven staff excellence and hiring practices ensure quality deliverables.

  • PxITBS' real time monitoring allows for collaborative processes and minimal surprises.

You think we missed out on something?

Streamlined Subscription Services

Who doesn’t love getting a new subscription?

While volume is a beautiful thing, hundreds of thousands of subscriptions requires significant staffing, space and costly management overhead.

PxITBS provides a cost-effective solution for managing your subscription volumes and subscriber base. We offer high-quality, responsive service performance from highly-skilled personnel and the most up-to-date voice and web delivery systems.


Our seamless outsourced solutions means we work as a virtual part of your organization so your customers enjoy the same service quality they expect from you.

Our Subscription Services Include:

  • Welcome Email for New Subscriptions

  • Cancellations and Refunds

  • Missing or Lost Deliveries

  • Address and other Data Changes

  • General Service Support

Still Thinking We Missed Out Something? Well You're Not Wrong.

we saved the best for the last.

Collaborating with Compose By Perplexing Axe, we are capable to handle all your other publishing solutions, like translations. transcription, content and more. With us you get a upfront discount based on existing client privileges. So what's stopping you? Go check out Compose. Now!

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