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Media and Entertainment

Reimagine digital content with the tech and skill advancements of PxITBS and Preceptors' Studios.

What you'll get, is the best of both worlds.  

What sets us apart?

Today, studios and producers are willing to create a rich content library at the expense of operational profits so they can increase subscriptions and ad-revenues. For media houses, and new-age media companies, the strategic focus will soon shift from content creation to content monetization. Having found their places in the new value chain, media houses can drive towards profitability with Preceptors' cutting edge solutions.

Get the digital edge for media & entertainment with unique technological solutions.


Since the digital revolution a change has been observed in the consumer's media & entertainment consumption habits. With access to digital content in real time, such as e-books and videos, life has completely changed for 

the modern consumer. With changing consumption patterns, it’s time for media & entertainment to go ahead with creative and innovative IT strategies to keep a track on the changing consumer behavior, and deliver content in real-time for better engagement and conversions.



Event Management Software

Sports Management Software

Event Planning Software

Video Management Software

Music Management Software

Entertainment Booking Software

Online Event Booking Software

Web Portal / Website Development

Game and Quiz Software development

How PxITBS Delivers Value

to Media and Entertainment?

Media & Entertainment companies need to work hard towards streamlining their media planning processes as well as content generation methods to gain more engagement and conversions. It is time for these companies to get deeper insights on their consumer consumption methods, automate the media planning process thus reducing the time taken for production. This will eventually help monitor and track all the happenings within the industry, thus giving an edge above competition.

Infrastructure Management: Optimizing performance of digital content by reducing overhead costs of acquisition and disbursement of information.

Digital Promotions: Promote your brand using media strategy like organizing Games, Quizzes, Prize distribution, coupon distribution etc.

Strategizing IT: Planning and executing IT strategies to get a 360 view of consumer behavior and offer engagement strategies accordingly.

Optimize Digital Data: Optimize publishing & rights management, editorial workflow management, content management as well as mobile media enablement with ideal entertainment management software.

Content Management: Manage product information and media content while adhering to regulatory compliance and digital rights in a cost effective manner.

Media Planning & Collaboration: Offering a media management software platform where advertisers, agencies and broadcasters can collaborate to share information and execute a more structured campaign.

Mobility Solutions: Use Smartphone and Tablets to your advantage by using best in class Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

Social Media Integration: Use Social Media Integration for faster content distribution as well as for content acquisition from varied sources worldwide.


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