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Legal Services

We seek to strengthen the impact and growth of your legal business, within the business world.

Transforming Content and Managing Services

We are apt in legal practice, outsourcing, publishing and education experience.

The PxITBS' Legal Solutions team delivers efficient, affordable legal support and business solutions. We meet the needs of todays digital- and mobile-centric customers.

​Law Firms and General Counsel need to drive down costs.

We understand the issues of law firms and general counsel, and how they do business.

We provide innovative business solutions that reduce support costs and bolster productivity.

Our business solutions combine the professional approach of a lawyer with firm and corporate management experience with the methodology, confidentiality, security and quality assurance gained from PxITBS years in the business support industry. We can partner with you on a single matter or provide continuous support for a variety of business functions.

Preceptors' Business Solutions for Law Firms and General Counsel include:

  • Claims Administration

  • Collections

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Document Management

  • Call Center

Let Preceptors' IT and Business Solutions help you decrease support costs, increase productivity, reduce overhead, and improve client service.

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