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Your customers love your games. We love it more, when they enjoy uninterrupted.

Specialized Gaming Support

Interactive game developers and publishers require unique business process support to excel in a dynamic and highly competitive market space. With an aspiration to serve the industry leaders, PxITBS has deep domain expertise and an unmatched capability to flex and scale to meet the demands of a typically volatile product lifecycle.

Partnering with PxITBS' gaming business process outsourcing (BPO) services means your staff can concentrate on core game design, development and marketing while our experts support your operational and customer support requirements.


We aim to provide low-cost, scalable solutions covering :

  • In-house Testing

  • 24/7 Online Chat & E-mail Support

  • Customer Support

  • Game Localization

  • Server & TOS Violation Monitoring

  • Technical & Billing Support

  • Forum Moderation

Gamers Love Responsive Support.

Gamers take gaming to heart. That is why gamers need to be assured that they can  get instant in-game help if there is a bug in game, while they're playing. Yet  developing and maintaining expert support services for gaming can be a drain on 

resources for game design, development , and testing, not to mention having trouble sustaining it for the long term. 

That is why leading game developers and publishers outsource professional 

and experienced game support with, you guessed it, with us!

PxITBS is an innovator of game support services, offering versatile and responsive  support solutions to keep your gamers online, perform better and get ready for more.Our multilingual support includes English, French, German, Russian, Italian and  Spanish. 

Game Testing and 

Quality Assurance

Developers and publishers need experienced resources for testing and quality assurance (QA) for their products. We serve these needs by providing a wide range of off-site QA services for multi-platform gaming products. Our services include:

  • Test Plan/Guide Development

  • Online Testing for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG)

  • Localization Play-Through

  • Beta Testing and Defect Management for MMORPG

  • Compliance Testing for Consoles and Handhelds


Functionality testing can be performed at any stage of development, from pre-alpha through alpha and beta to the final version. PxITBS accreditations include versatile testers for (and is not limited to) the all new PS5, PS4 and Nintendo of America for DS/Wii.


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