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Fashion Accessories


Leveraging technology to gain ease, speed and momentum, throughout different segments of the industry, to provide better results, faster.

How PxITBS Delivers Value

to Fashion and Beauty?

Intelligent Solutions to Conquer the Ever-Evolving Fashion & Beauty Industry

PxITBS is recognized as the market-leading fashion software provider, hosting the largest team of industry specialists. Our  competence  helps us  deliver  market solutions that are flexible in nature, underpin processes customized to 

each customer and help drive growth from local to global and single to 

multi-channel. At PxITBS we recognize the particular demands and variations  within the fashion marketplace of each niche sector, setting our specialist 

software apart from the competitor.

We can provide Off-The-Shelf Software Solutions, Open Source Ready-to-use software solutions and Bespoke solutions to your requirement of eCommerce solutions and mCommerce solutions.

PxITBS also has capabilities to integrate your current ERP / CRM with your new portal with ease and finesse, thus giving you an edge with technology.

With changing market dynamics, you should be able to adapt rapidly and be able to scale up to meet the commitments, you as a  brand  

make. It's time to take down the conventional approaches and tear 

down the corporate silos and incorporate the different processes 

entirely. With our industry experience and market solution skills, we

give profound insights and thus accelerate creativity.

Improved Conversions: With smart merchandise solutions, and improved customer service, you will be able to reduce costs and improve your ROI.


Portal Development: Get designed and developed portals for showcasing products and selling online with eCommerce solutions.

Assortment: Localize the plans and assortments of the products in line with the business requirements, geographical reach, defined goals and the buying behavior of the consumers.

Warehouse Management: Optimize warehouse operations and costs to improve profitability.

Predictive Analytics: Estimate demands based on consumer behavior and channelize your supply chain accordingly.

Resources Management: Workforce is an important element of fashion & beauty industry. Manage your resources strategically by aligning their contribution with your financial and service goals.

Retail Fashion Portal & Wholesale and Distribution Solution: 

Develop special need Retail and Wholesale portals that can help you do business with ease with your vendors.

Appointment Scheduling Solution: Be it a SPA Appointment Scheduling, Massage Parlor Appointment Scheduling or a Beauty salon Appointment Scheduling – appointment scheduling in real-time will not only boost your business ROI but also ensure customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management: Manage stock-outs or overstocks with targeted inventory management.

Smart Pricing: Unleash the potential of market-specific pricing to improve the profitability and the productivity of inventory.

mCommerce: Evolve to the mobile platform with mCommerce offerings.


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