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We are serving citizens needs while working on government projects. Our E-Governance service practices include a vast array of services.

Govt. SOlutions
Web Portals

Solving Governance.

Digitizing Govt. Flow & Process

E-Governance achieved with Emerging Technologies

We use the practical implementation of e-Governance, which  decreases the complexity of government processes and improves

the ability of residents and businesses to access public services in 

an secure and cost-effective manner. Our E -Governance services  seek to put together information, processes, people and technology to achieve good governance.

Implanting Digital Smartness in Governance

Smart governance is a citizen-centric technology of government that enhances transparency, reach, unbinding services and cost effectiveness. We are supporting government to transform their IT systems which will transform their digital assets from data silos to information sharing system.

Serving the nation.

Dedicated Team

We allocate dedicated resources to focus on government projects in order to achieve fine-tuned solutions.

Dedicated Support

Our 24 * 7 support team is always on standby, from project start-up to launch, thus ensuring  perfection and consistency.

Government to Consumers and Enterprises

Through our E-Governance services,  we  facilitate  government interactions through residents (G2C),  companies (G2B), employees (G2E) and help communicate between  government departments and ministries (G2G) ,  thereby improving service quality and resource management to ensure efficiency and transparency within the system.

With enhanced technical capabilities, the numerous processesand services regulating government agencies will be simplifiedto optimize effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Service Empowering Government for Citizens

Technology has revolutionized how governments work and    communicate  with citizens globally. Citizens can link and 

interact, gain access to information easily, in a more safe andefficient environment. In the midst of globalization and 

emerging technologies, government officials are exploring 

new ways to connect with citizens.

At PxITBS, we offer a wide range of services that empowers 

government to connect with citizens.

One Stop Destination 


We develop web portals and applications that creates digital interface with existing system along with development from scratches. We also provide integration of the Email and Payment gateways to make services available to the citizens in a very convenient, efficient and quick manner.


This solution includes all computerized operations and procedures.


We develop applications that provide information regarding all the activities conducted by governments and supplementary departments.

Our developed mobile applications provide various citizen centric services, information as well as assistance that makes it more interactive.


Roll-Out Services

PxITBS roll-out services provides 360 degree support to governments by providing developed applications, resources and manforce for its implementation.

We provide training, master data and hand hold services to assist government projects for better execution. Our roll-out services are available for third party development apart from our self developed applications as well.

We’ve got a Team of Highly Skilled Resources

Project Manager

Delivery Manager

UI Design Lead

UI Designers


Sr. Quality Expert

Quality Expert

Sr. Content Writer

Technology Architect

Mobile App Developer

Database Expert

Security Expert

Testing Team

Business Analyst

GIS Expert

Training and Change Expert

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Case Studies

Here's where we take the back seat and let our customers do the talking. Read our customers stories and find out how our PxITBS can  help  solve real business challenges.

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