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Corporate Industry

Reimagine your work flow and managed human resource automation with the tech and skill advancements of PxITBS


Enterprises are becoming dynamic, and it’s time the employees and the end consumers match footsteps with the changing environment. It is critical to align your business processes with the solutions in order to deliver personalized and more relevant information which can help make quick decisions. There is a need for enterprises to achieve high performance and productivity with reduced operational costs, thus improving the ROI.



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How PxITBS Intends To Delivers Value

to the Corporate World?

There is a growing need to consolidate the available data in a structured format within the corporate, which calls in for ideal solutions. The right corporate solutions help integrate information, people and processes, thus offering a single secure access point to the users. The next level of portal technology combined with business needs will move beyond information access and employee empowerment. It will standardize & facilitate delivery channels using SoA to improve the return on investments, thus unleashing the potential of Web 2.0. The new wave is all set to offer a more collaborative environment to the enterprises.

Strategizing: Align the different business processes in a way that end users can access relevant information thus helping them make informed decisions

Content Management: Leveraging Web 2.0 to offer relevant and personalized content

Business Management:  Integrating the different processes within the business so that key business information is readily available in real-time

User Friendly: Customization, and personalization that offers user friendly portal solutions to enhance customer satisfaction

Collaborative Spaces:  Offers end-to-end portal development integrating the functionality for business intelligence, web analytics, content management and enterprise search, thus offering a more collaborative space

Cloud Computing:  Enhance productivity, and improve ROI with cloud solutions

Enterprise Mobility: Improve accessibility within enterprises with incredible mobile strategy

Big Data Analytics:  Improve customer service and employee management with Big Data solutions.

Managed Human Resource delivers measurable improvement.

Services Streamlined to enhance your career.

Talent acquisition and management is the top priority for the business in this ever-evolving market environment. The right talent will help improve efficiency and productivity, thereby contributing to a more profitable business. It is important for businesses to strategize HR & Careers at a global level.

Managing Workforce: With deeper data insights and analytics, give your employees the desired environment to increase productivity.

Mobility: Create impactful mobile strategies to improve productivity

Talent Acquisition & Management: Strategize talent acquisition and management in line with the skills requirement, and business goals.

Collaborative Framework: Allow easy and convenient communication between the employees.

360 degree Review & Appraisal: With fast changing times it is necessary to have improved and optimized processes in place with due-diligence and accurate data capturing.

Operational Efficiency:  Improve the efficiency and productivity within your organization with the right skills and resources, and effective utilization of the resources.

Businesses are becoming highly competitive with globalization and increased dynamism; this has increased vitality of Human Resource Management. It’s necessary to automate processes, hire and retain the right talent, to keep up with this changing situation. The human resource industry should necessary look out for best possible solutions which can leverage the power of technology to gain business value, and get the much needed edge over the competition.



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