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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

We seek to strengthen the impact and growth of design, within the BFSI business world.

Directing the winds of change

The advances in digital technology have changed the approach in most industries. Banking & Finance have been slow in adopting due to the legacy applications in use and mainly due to their high-risk category. The need for better engagement and improved returns on investment is making financial marketers move to the digital platform. 25% of the banking and financial institutions in US alone offer advanced mobile app features to connect with their consumers. The next gen finance and banking institutions offer consistent user experience, as well as stable infrastructure thus differentiating their delivery models.



Mobility Solutions

Accounting ERP Software

Personal Finance Solutions

Online Banking Software

Private Banking Software

ATM Management Software

Transaction Monitoring & Management

Credit Card & Debit Card Management

Investment Banking Software

Loan & Grants Management

Information dissemination Web Portals

How PxITBS Delivers Value

to Finance & Banking?

Transforming the highly regulated and competitive market has become the need of the hour for banking & financial institutions that wish to differentiate and exceed the customer expectations. The ultimate goal is to drive profitability by building engaging and long lasting relations. It’s important to anticipate the needs, and offer them solutions that double the experience with ideal banking software and financial software.

Omni-Channel Assessment: Omni-channel is slowly gaining importance for the finance & banking sectors. Assess your performance against that of your competitors through the omni-channel assessments to strategize your digital initiatives. It is important to deliver personalized and integrated services

Optimize Financial Services: It’s time for banks to transform from being mere spectators to actually participating in the strategizing of financial services for the future. This will require newer digital business models like Financial Planning Software, Investment Banking Software etc.

Business Analytics: Enable data driven business strategies to offer customer driver experiences. Get insights that enable faster and smarter decision making abilities!

Risk & Compliance: Reduce risks, and adhere to the policies laid out with better and efficient systems to improve performance. Security Management Software helps keep up with the security needs of banking systems

Mobile & Digital Advancement: Drive in more engagement by unleashing the potential of mobile.

Cloud: Scale IT infrastructure and application usage with effectively. Gain access to information anytime anywhere.


Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) processes involve a myriad of labor-intensive transactions and information support services. Maintaining resources in-house to perform these activities can result in expensive and inflexible overhead – to the tune of millions of dollars annually in additional staff, training and workspace support costs.

We provide BFSI process outsourcing options that deliver cost-effective, high-performance services to meet the needs of financial institutions looking for new ways to improve business performance.

Combining experienced transaction and document processing specialists with state-of-the art technology, our staff delivers your services with the speed, accuracy and reliability that you require – and your customers expect. Taking a highly collaborative approach, PxITBS assimilates your processes seamlessly while mirroring your company culture and performance metrics to deliver high-performance services at a far lower cost.

As increasing globalization, regulation, and intense competition redefine the BFSI industries, PxITBS stays ahead of these changes to help our clients with:

  • Increase and retain customers

  • Innovate fromm a product-to-customer-centric service approach

  • Innovate in a crowded market

  • Leverage advancements in technology and communications

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations



  • Auto

  • Mortgage

  • Home Insurance Processing

  • Policy Maintenance

  • Renewals

  • Lapses

  • Adjustments

  • Claims Processing

  • Invoice & Payment Validations


  • Credit Card Processes

  • Invoice Processing

  • Accounts Payable

  • Book Keeping

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Financial Analysis

  • Account Opening & Closing

  • Interest Related Queries

  • Marketing Upgrades

  • Credit Balance Refunds

  • Risk Profit Analysis

  • Records Management

  • Refunds


  • Remittance Processing (check / PODs)

  • Mortgage Services

  • Document Management

  • Account Maintenance

  • Mandate Setup

  • Tax Transactions

  • Email Support

  • Onboarding

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